As an Anishinaabekwe, I proudly introduce myself as the visionary behind Maada'ookii. Maada'ookii symbolizes the act of sharing gifts with others, encapsulating our ethos of community and generosity.

Drawing upon 35 years in the craft industry, I have meticulously rebranded and expanded my home-based enterprise, Native Connections. My expertise spans diverse realms including design, leather work, beading, sewing, and participation in pow wows and craft exhibitions.

With nearly three decades of active involvement in both First Nation and Public Libraries, I bring a wealth of cultural insight and community engagement to the forefront.

At Maada'ookii, we offer an immersive Indigenous Bookstore experience, seamlessly blending vibrant elements of people, culture, hues, tastes, sounds, and imagery. Our space serves as a warm and inclusive haven, meticulously curated to showcase authentic high-quality traditional and contemporary arts, handcrafted goods, apparel, lifestyle items, and engaging workshops.

We welcome you to join us on this journey towards reconciliation and economic empowerment for Indigenous communities.