Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
In-person: Cash, Credit, and e-transfer
Online: Paypal, credit card, and Shopify approved payments.

What is the tax rate?
Currently, we do not meet the requirements to collect taxes. However, when this changes, we will be required to apply for GST/HST and collect applicable taxes on all sales.

Do you accept Status Cards?
Yes. If you are in Canada and have a Status Card, we will honour it. Please create an account and include your status card ID and band number. We will email to verify your address before removing applicable taxes.

Do you make all the products?
Currently, I make all the handmade products, however, it is my goal to support other artists and artisans by buying from Indigenous creators.

Do you take custom orders?
Yes. If a variation does not suit your needs, please email us to discuss possible customs.

Do you take large orders?
Yes. Please email us if you require a large volume order.

Do you do wholesale?
No. We apologize, but we are unable to accommodate wholesale orders at this time.

Do you buy from Indigenous creators?
Yes. If you have a product that is Indigenous made, please email us to discuss creating a B2SB partnership.

Do you offer resources for educators?
Yes. With over 25 years' experience in First Nation and Public Libraries, I have assisted many teachers to choose resources that fit their classroom and student needs. Please email us to order age-appropriate, personally curated books and resources.

Do you do outreach and workshops?
Yes. Please email us with your requests. We can discuss outreach, visits, or workshops.

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