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When We Were Alone - David A. Robertson, Julie Flett

When We Were Alone - David A. Robertson, Julie Flett

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An empowering story of resistance that gently introduces children to the history of residential schools in Canada.

A young girl notices things about her grandmother that make her curious. Why does her grandmother have long, braided hair and beautifully coloured clothing? Why does she speak Cree and spend so much time with her family? As she asks questions, her grandmother shares her experiences in a residential school, when all of these things were taken away.

Also available in a bilingual Swampy Cree/English edition.

When We Were Alone won the 2017 Governor General's Literary Award in the Young People's Literature (Illustrated Books) category, and was nominated for the TD Canadian's Children's Literature Award.

Hardcover , Dust jacket
32 pages
Juvenile: Age (years) 6 - 8, Grade (US) K - 2
209.55 x 190.5 x 7.93 mm
9.17 oz
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